The Miracle is the emotional story of Stephy Lee, an artist and singer from Puerto Rico who suffered a tremendous accident on the past year. The story is brutal as well as her recovery. This documentary was made to tell her story and try to get funds to keep funding her recovery. Her story is empowering and her example is marvelous. 

In this documentary I had the responsibility of editing the whole of it. Since the selection of the interview, the selection of B-Roll, graphics, titles, audio mixing, color correction and grading too. It was an amazing challenge that I was happy to take as I wanted to help to her inspiring cause. I also created a Teaser for the documentary.

All of the footage was provided by my friend and amazing creative entrepreneur Kris San, Stephy's sister. I'm thankful for the opportunity and feel blessed to created this project.
 Stephy Lee - The Miracle (TEASER)
 Stephy Lee - The Miracle (Documentary)

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