I'm currently participating as a Video Editor in Rob Dial's team. Rob is a great social influencer with the goal to help people live their best lives. With more than 2.6 million followers on Facebook and over 340k followers on Instagram, his podcast called The Mindset Mentor Podcast is in the TOP 100 podcast listened on iTunes.

My role here is to create the most engaging reels and stories possible with his podcast content. Since selecting the most relevant information for listeners and viewers, to making the sound design and the Kinetic Text. Another great challenge is to create the titles for each video, which are an important part for people to stay looking the video. I have also created other type of videos for him, such as Viral Videos with external B-Roll and Sound fx.

I can proudly say that since been working with Rob's team, my reels videos for Instagram have created more than 3.6 Million views in 8 months. Obviously it wouldn't be possible without Rob's great content.

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